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Your Ads Could Be Instantly Displayed Throughout the Internet On Hundreds of Websites.

These ads are so effective they will be Seen By Every Visitor to any Website which has our Advertisements activated

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YOU will be able to Place advertising widgets on your site similar to the popular Google Adwords(R) style Ads. Hyper-Advertiser adverts are extremely effective! Just take a look at our preview below.
From the desks of: Geoff Lord and Bruce Andrews
Welcome friends and fellow marketers.
What would you say if we could show you how to advertise your site in a way which people just could not ignore?
What if we could introduce you to a system where your referral links where exploding out of every popular website in the marketing World capturing thousands of signups for you?
Would you like those ads to passively spawn more ads with little to no effort on your part?
What if we said that you could gain access to all of these features with a simple FREE Signup? Of course you'd be interested!
Use the calculator below to see just how amazingly viral your ad-growth could be!

YES. I certainly would like to get my hands on such System!
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We are sure that you would Love to have access to a system that would allow YOU to do ALL of those things !

Here is how Hyper-Advertiser.com, The True Original Hyper Viral Adverting system, can truly revolutionize YOUR Internet Marketing efforts right here and now!

Dont be fooled with all of those copy cat sites that may appear similar to ours, there is Only One Hyper-advertiser!

This system was designed specifically to overcome the many obstacles which are placed in front of many advertisers, especially Google Adsense which has virtually banned advertising of Affiliate Links. Here at Hyper-Advertiser we removed all of the Hoops you are normally expected to go through in order to get your product or service in front of your audience. We understand the needs of the advertiser and the flexibility to be able to change offers or place new adverts, so we made it easy for you. Hyper-advertiser was specifically designed with you in mind..

Hi Geoff

I want to say thanks for your Hyper-Advertiser system which we recntly added to our website.

I was able to set up several targeted adverts within minutes after following your step by step instructions.

Within just a few days of placing the adverts on the site we were receiving requests for information from all over the World.

I highly commend you for providing such a great resource which is so easy to use and it goes without saying we are delighted with the results

Thank You....

Tullia Law
Marketing and Sales Manager
Medicare Services Ltd

Feature #1

Hyper-Advertiser.com adverts can not be ignored!

"Hyper-Advertiser.com" ads are far more powerful than many other types of advertising on the internet because they simply can not be ignored. When a Hyper-Advertiser.com advert is displayed on a wbsite, the user must terminate it before he or she can continue browsing the web. How often have you advertised something that was supposed to go to a certain number of people, but you were sure that many of those people simply didnt notice your advert or banner? Since Hyper-Advertiser.com can not be ignored we are confident that 100% of the people who you target to advertise to will pay attention to your ad, as can be seen in the Widget on the right Here .

Plus... with our "tiered" style adverts we show up to 5 times as many adverts as most other popular advertsing sites. Our system will allow you earn points at a rate equivilant to DOUBLE that of many regular "fly-in" type advertising sites.

Feature #2

Hyper-Advertiser.com adverts will immediately capture the attention of your audience.
One of the reasons pop-up/under ads, banner ads, e-ezine ads, and most other conventional forms of advertising on the Internet no longer perform as well as they used to do is that people are becoming numb to them. Hyper-Advertiser.com adverts are impressive, unexpected, and rarely found anywhere else on the internet, so your audience will be instantly captivated. . This is an example of one of our Text ads .

Plus... We show vastly more effective adverts. Our ad style is amongst the most popular and fastest growing methods of internet advertising. Many Studies have shown that buyers are more susceptible to read and buy from "Text-Based-Ads" than adverts that appear in traditional style popups, no matter how pretty the popups are. People now think that pop ups/unders are annoying. BUT, you just can't help but read our style of text ads like these here on the right hand column.

Our ads are similar to the popular Google Adwords(R) style Ads. Just Like Google ads, Hyper-Advertiser adverts are extremely effective! Just like this small advert here on the right.

Feature #3

Hyper-Advertiser.com adverts do not interfere with the sales process of your web site.
Hyper-Advertiser.com uses an advert exchange system in which you display Hyper-Advertiser.com adverts on your web site to earn credits so that you can then show YOUR adverts on other people's sites. Since these ads can be shown in several ways such as in-line text ads, Widgets, Pop Ups or Exit ads, Hyper-Advertiser.com Adverts will not effect the way your web site works. Hey, if you have our exit ads enabled the traffic was going to leave your site anyway. So why not earn some advertising credits and convert that back into even more views of YOUR adverts on someone elses website?

View our Demonstration Websites With Live Ads

Click to view Demo Site 1 Click to view Demo Site 2 Click to view Demo Site 3

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Additional Bonus!

Hyper-Advertiser adverts also include YOUR referral link at the bottom of each of your advert Blocks and are embeded into the logo. This means that if anyone clicks on the bottom advert (and they will, early testing has shown an astounding click-thru percentage), YOU will get credit for the sign up. Your Downline will simply grow and grow and grow!

Feature #4

Hyper-Advertiser.com Adverts are only shown to targeted, interested prospects.
When you set up YOUR adverts, you can select a category from an extremely comprehensive list of site types. Your advert is guaranteed to only be shown to people from that category to ensure that you earn maximum profits from your adverts. Our system also incorporates sophisticated anti-fraud systems to guarantee that your advert is being seen by a real person each time, as apposed to a script surfing the net.

Feature #5

Your Hyper-Advertiser.com advert Credits virally grow themselves, so the traffic you get grows virally and passively.
The Hyper-Advertiser system is a Multi-level deep structure, for which you gain credits each time anyone in your entire downline earns a credit (by having their web site visited), which means that YOUR web site traffic credits will grow passively on their own.

And don't forget- we pay on paid signups many other Advertising sites do not!! So change your exit code now and put a stop to making money for other people from your efforts.

Feature #6

Hyper-Advertiser.com exit adverts or Pop-Up ads can not be blocked by pop-up blockers.
Although Hyper-Advertiser.com adverts open in their own window, they can not be blocked by pop-up blockers. Since most internet users now have popup blockers enabled on their computers, this is a very key factor in your advertising. As other forms of pop-up ads slowly become less effective, Hyper-Advertiser.com adverts will become far more effective.


We have put the most state of the art promotion tools together for you to grow your downline.

Feature #7

You can be up and running with Hyper-Advertiser.com for FREE in less than 60 seconds!
No irksome signup methods. We designed Hyper-Advertiser.com to be simple to join. You'll be up and running with YOUR Hyper-Advertiser.com advertising system ready to place on your site in just 60 seconds if you start right now and follow each step we give you.

Hi Geoff,

I just wanted to tell you how much I love Hyper-advertiser. The set up was a snap. I simply entered my user information, received 2 e-mails, and in a few minutes I had my first set of ads up and running on my website.

I particularlly like the way you have set the controls in each section, and the FAQ/user manual and training videos are top class, second to none. You've left nothing to the imagination, any questions I had were answered before I even thought of them!

The included Widgets and advert blocks look great, and you've provided a great selection of layouts. Not only do I have some amazing looking adverts, I am also looking forward to a large passive income from the affiliate sponsor links you provide for me on all of the advert Blocks.

I already upgraded on seeing the potential from your Free Version which I tried for a few days to test the water.

Thanks Geoff, for creating such a fantastic script, I highly recommend Hyper-Advertiser.com to everyone that needs a boost to their advertising strategies.



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